Monday, May 29

swim lessons started!

Kerstyn has started her survival swim lessons. It was a little overwhelming to us all as we watched her in the water. We had a crowd there for her 1st lesson - grandaddy and gramma Fischer, Karleigh and Becky and her daddy and I. Her instructor - Tammy - got right into the lesson, and Kerstyn was floating pretty well. She did end up throwing up a little bit of formula, and took in a lot of water. We recorded it, and I'll be recording every Monday for the next few weeks. I'm relieved and thankful to know that after this 4 week instruction course our little girl will know how to survive if she ever fell into the water!

After the lesson we stood outside and talked with grandaddy and gramma Fischer and then went to eat Chinese food for lunch. Kerstyn was a hungry little girl! She had a little rice, her teething toast, a little bit of banana, cantaloupe, and jarred pears - oh and of course cheerios. :) She had fun mostly playing with her food!

Well, it's official - - - - she's finally got a tooth coming through! I knew it was going to shine it's little pointy face into the world any day now - and it has! I felt tonight, and it's really, really, really sharp!!! So, she's no longer toothless! :)

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