Saturday, May 13

Kerstyn, Karleigh and Ashlee

I am watching Karleigh until the end of the month, and Kerstyn is loving having her here. It's so cute to see how Kerstyn copies the things that Karleigh does. In the morning the first thing Karleigh starts to do is yell for Ashlee - so Karleigh yells, and Kerstyn does too. Katie got to hear it on the phone, and was crackin up - it's really the sweetest thing. It has really been good for Kerstyn to be around another child. I'm afraid she is going to get really attached to Karleigh and miss her tons when she's not with us anymore. Oh, and Ashlee is really going to miss Karleigh too. This is how Karleigh will be taking her naps for the remainder of her stay - Ashlee loves it!!! :)

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