Thursday, May 18

oatmeal fun!

I took Kerstyn to the dr. yesterday just to make sure she didn't have an ear infection since she'd been waking so much at night. Clear ears, and it's just allergies. :( So, for the next couple of weeks he wants her on allergy medication, and then she should get better. She weighed 17.6 lbs! That means she's gained 3 lbs in a month and a half - WOW! She's totally refused to take food from me in a spoon - she just wants to feed herself. Her dr. said to just put her oatmeal out in front of her, and let her feed herself - wow what a mess! He said it was great that she wants to be so independent and do it herself, and to just continue and encourage her. She's started letting go of things when she's in standing position, and just hanging there for a few seconds before grabbing back onto the thing that was supporting her. Our little girl is growing up, and fast!!!

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Katie said...

Your daughter is looking more and more like her Daddy!