Sunday, February 12

Kerstyn sat up! Unassisted.

Oh my goodness!! Kerstyn just sat up by herself. She woke up from her nap, and I went and got her and put her in the living room on the floor (on our new rug :) ) and put her in sitting position - and wahlah - she stayed that way! She stayed there long enough for me to put a pillow behind her, go into the kitchen and get the camera, get the camera ready to take the picture, and sit down and play with her - so maybe a couple of minutes. I just can't believe it!! Just days ago she couldn't do this. WOW!! I'm such a proud happy momma!! WOW! She didn't fall back - just to the side. Oh, and this is her new cute outfit granddaddy and gramma Fischer got her for Christmas.

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