Saturday, February 18

Kerstyn eating green beans

WOW! Last night was a rough one!!! At 1am I rocked Kerstyn for 1 hour - yes ladies and gentleman - 1 hour, and both times I put her down she woke and started crying. I don't know what's going on, and really really really wish she could tell me!!! Teething tablets and tylonal didn't even change a thing! So, since daddy is gone hunting she came to bed with me - where I guess I got a few hours of shut eye :). There is no sign of a tooth even making it's way to the gums, and so I have no clue as to what it is.

Anyway, this is video of her eating green beans last night. It's in 3 videos, and you will have to scroll down to see the middle one, and then the last one. It only allows up to 2 mins of recording for each video - so this was the best way I could let all you see her eating at a whole sitting. She's such a little cutie! I don't like the high chair she has, and will be looking for one through resale. It just doesn't seem like a very safe one for my little wiggle worm! Well - enjoy, and we love you all!!!

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