Sunday, May 24

Taylor is now sleeping in her crib most of the time now. She sleeps w/me lots still too though. I would say for the past few weeks she's been doing pretty good - last night was kinda rough, but she had a little bit of gas and couldn't get settled. Otherwise, she'll go down around 9-11 and sleep for a good 4-5 hours and then wake to eat and go back down for 2-3 and then the rest of the day eats about every 2 hours. She is a little sleep fighter, and LIKES to be held...but she will never be that big again, and we will never have any so I need to remember that!! Kerstyn got these pretty butterfly clips at Cali's bday from gramma, and loves them. She put them all in her hair at the same time, and it deserved a picture to capture the moment :).

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