Sunday, January 18

What Kerstyn wanted from her daddy for Christmas...

we went to Claire's to watch Alyssa and Abby get their ears pierced, and Kerstyn fell in love w/this little mouse. She said..."momma, can you take my picture so my daddy can get this for me for Christmas"? Of course she wanted it right then, but I said no maybe you can get that for Christmas, and she said from daddy? So, her daddy being so great - looked at the picture and got if for her. She opened it early on Christmas eve, and hasn't left it alone since. It's pretty cute - she giggles when you squeeze her tummy. She named her Tosha - that is who watched her during the day from the summer until December, and she loves her!!

This preggo pic is only for you mom! She's even grown more in there since then too!! I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore, but our house is NOT ready at all!!

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