Saturday, October 20

pumpkin patch!

Kerstyn had a lot of firsts today! We met our friends Courtney and Michael and went to the pumpkin patch (which really isn't a patch at all - they bring in the pumpkins by truck loads), and she got her face painted, and rode on some hay in a trailor being pulled by a tractor. She was so still while getting her face painted, and really checked it out in the mirror afterwards. I told her before she took her nap that we were going to the pumpkin patch after she woke up. She knew what a pumpkin was - so who knows really what she was thinkin? It was so easy to lay her down for her nap! That was amazing!!! No crying, fussing or anything. I just sang our prayer over her, and layed her down and boom she was out. This preschool thing is N.I.C.E.! We had a really great day!!!!!

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