Friday, July 27

The big day - Kerstyn's birthday party!!!

Kerstyn had a great day at her party!!! We were so excited that Gramma Block was able to come visit us from Florida for a long weekend! Alot of people or thier children ended up being sick for the party, and it was really nice to not be so crowded. Kerstyn enjoyed herself, and that's all that matters!! We had tons of beans and cake, but managed to put a pretty good dent in them both. It was a nice time, and she got tons of toys. Granny Becky made balloon figures, and Kerstyn thought that was too cool!! Ashlee was so excited she joined in on the fun, and got a balloon of her own. Kerstyn is so smart that she was naming colors that were being turned into little animals, or swords or hats. It was a great day!!

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