Friday, March 9

different things-different days

Katie and Joshua came and stayed w/us Monday night so we could all wake up and go to the consignment sale early Tuesday morning. Well, we woke up early - but the kids had different plans - then there's the whole actually getting out the door w/a toddler and newborn that is exclusively breastfed.
We were finally on the road around 9, and it was the start to a very, very long day. Kerstyn started acting more than usual fussy at the sale, and I ended up putting her in a carrier I had for sale there that didn't sell. She was then a little better, but wasn't at all herself. Katie had to leave not once, but twice to tend to Joshua. One time he was hungry, and then well he had releaved himself a little later. Let me tell you what - that child weighs what Kerstyn did at her 1 year birthday party!! He is a chunk! His little rolls on his legs have rolls. I just dunno how she cleans all the flaps in the rolls -! She's got some power milk - let me tell ya!!
So then, we went to lunch. Katie went to the van to feed Joshua, and Kerstyn wanted me to hold her-where she passed out asleep on my chest. Totally not my child to 1 not want to eat, and 2 sleep some place other than her bed, or carseat. She was burning up! She ran a fever from Tuesday until the middle of the night last night, and today she was totally back to normal :). Jason even said he couldn't believe how fast she recovered. They took a little tractor ride last night, and that made her happy, and I got a pic :).
Today - she played inside, and outside. We took a walk, and she laughed a whole lot. She was a little whinny, but that was because she couldn't seem to fall asleep. I guess because she'd slept so much the past couple of days. So, she only took about a 45 min. nap today - so hopefully she will sleep well tonight since I'm up so late :).
Oh, and I made that blanket that's on Joshua in the 1st picture. My very first whole real project that I finished - yay for me!! It only took a little over 3 years, but I finally am using my!

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