Thursday, December 7

checkin out the snowmen

Kerstyn loves Mr. Blue, and he and Ashlee are both so good with her!!! She will go up and give each of them 'hugs' - which consists of sucking her thumb, and laying her head/upper body on them. She is so so lovie!!

I don't think I've mentioned that she now has 6 teeth. 2 on bottom that are in good, 2 on top that are in pretty good, but still coming thru, and the 2 next to the 2 on top that are just showing thru some - so they've got some more to come out still. She's been teething horribly for her 1 yr molars, and I'm afraid to stick my finger in there because she almost took the end off with just 2 bottom teeth - wowza!!!

I just had to include the 2 pics of her and I - where she was having a fit by the way - but seriously - she doesn't even look like my kid!!!

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