Tuesday, August 29

visit with family

Kerstyn's great Aunt Sharla and Uncle Doug came from San Antonio to visit us! Gramma & Grandaddy and Aunt Candice and Cali came too. We all had a great breakfast together, and got to hang out for a bit. Kerstyn got all kinds of goodies from Aunt Sharla & Uncle Doug - as you can see. This is when we realized that Kerstyn wasn't acting at all like herself - just more crabby than normal. After taking her to the doctor today it was all confirmed. She has an ear infection and a slight upper respitory infection with a sore throat! He said the ear infection was just starting to get bad, and so it was good I brought her in. She should be feeling like her normal self again in another couple of days - just in time to go see Aunt Katie for the weekend...yeah!!!

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